SCRIPT: Taking Transparency To A Whole New Level

-4 Minute Reading-

Background:  This is for a YouTube ad that the viewer can SKIP after 5 seconds.  Originally we were just going to have Emmy talk to the screen about how Logical Position’s transparency sets us apart because there are many shady companies in our industry.  It kept coming out boring.  We knew people would hit the skip button.  So I came up with this idea….  Strap In!

NOTE: The reading is very disjunct because there are so many things going on at the same time. To get the full effect, read it through once, and then imagine it all happening in a fast fluid motion in 31 seconds.

INT. Girl’s Bedroom – DAY

Open to a close up of a postcard that is a picture of Emmy holding a baseball bat pointed at the camera, with the words written across postcard, “I’M COMING FOR YOU.” Camera pulls back to reveal the postcard is propped up on a bedside table with Emmy standing near it facing the camera. On the wall behind Emmy, you can see a dragon skull hanging on the wall. Next to it is a large poster of Emmy midair, jumping at a dragon about to overhead swing her baseball bat at the dragon’s head. Next to that is a pair of nunchuck baseball bats hanging on the wall. Color scheme of room is LP colors [green and black], and the bed’s bedsheets is covered with the LP Logo. Emmy is wearing a shirt. The shirt has a picture on it of Emmy wearing a Matrix-esque outfit, holding a baseball bat in one hand and a dish covered by a metal dome in the other hand.

(Over the Top)
Revenge is a dish best served by a girl with a baseball bat.

Emmy catches a baseball bat that’s thrown from off screen.

After being warmed up in the microwave of justice,

 Emmy lifts up the bed sheets to reveal a microwave, that dings but says “JUSTICE” instead of numbers. Camera quickly zooms in on microwave. She opens it up with a third arm (close up doesn’t show where arm is coming from) and she pulls out a metal dome covered dish

and chilled again with the filtered waters of transparency

 Water falls on dish from above screen as camera zooms back out, and Emmy is now wearing the Matrix outfit her shirt was wearing earlier holding the exact same pose from her shirt.

so that your perpetrator’s palette will not have a hint of satisfaction when this dish is served.

Camera keeps zooming out to reveal that this image is in fact Emmy’s shirt from the opening. Camera keeps zooming out and Emmy is in her opening pose.

We take transparency to a whole new level at Logical Position. If you’ve ever been lied to by a PPC company, give us a call, and they’ll get a visit from… Me!

Emmy winks and walks off screen, walking past the bedside table, revealing the postcard has been replaced by the metal dome covered dish. The camera zooms into the bedside table as the dome is lifted by Emmy’s hand to reveal an action figure of Emmy pulling a baseball bat out of a stone, King Arthur style. The LP logo appears alongside words, “Taking Transparency To A Whole New Level.”

Hell hath no fury like a girl with a baseball bat.



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